Cardigan Season

It must be fall, because it is cardigan season over here. All I seem to be able to think of is knitting cardigans. In fact, I have one started and three waiting to be started, as soon,  as the yarn arrives. It may not seem to some like an overly ambitious venture, as I know many who can crank out one within a week. However, I am not one of them. I would love to be. I want to be. Unfortunately I cannot be for many readons which would just bore you to read me rambling on about how incredibly busy I am.

My first cardigan project this cardigan season is

I’m using some of my stash yarn for this one. I don’t ordinarily have a stash at all, but I had bought this yarn to knit a blanket only to discover that I didn’t buy nearly enough. I’ve been slowly eating away at the stash in hat projects, but I am tired of grey hats now. So I am using it to make a cardigan. I will be modifying the design to make it longer and will be adding a garter stitch hem for 1-2 inches to prevent rolling edges.

although I would love to update this daily, I know that this is not a realistic goal for me right now. I will do my utmost to update at least once a week. Enjoy your week!


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