Good Intentions

It’s never been my intention to be away for so long, but with 2 kids and pregnant with my third my time is not my own.

Of course I’ve knitted numerous projects  since last time. Most have been frogged (some multiple times). I have not felt satisfied with things lately. I have a crazy demand for perfection in my handknits, whereas in life in general perfection has been lacking due to circumstances.

I have a beautiful, very expensive, skein of fingering yarn that I simply love and it has been through the frog pond so many times I have lost count. It’s only 1 skein and I cannot find what I truly want it to become. I’ve done lacy shawls and scarfs with it, but I’m just not satisfied with the results. I’m going to write a pattern specifically for that yarn, but right now it is going to wait for a couple years. There are other things that I need far more.

My current project is a matching hat and cowl of my own pattern that I am writing as I go. It’s been incredibly slow going. Involving lots of seed stitch. I love the hat and cowl, and it is looking lovely, but as it turns out I despise doing this much seed stitch. I’m not even half done the hat yet and I’m dreading working on it. I know once it is done it’ll be worth it. It could have been done in a few hours if it was a stockinette hat, but it’s not and my seed stitch is slow going. I tried switching knitting styles to continental,  combined continental, and even portugese, but I’m not experienced enough at those yet to make it go faster or more interesting than  throwing.

My next project will be Rivage. I ordered the yarn from LoveKnitting. It’s been 3 weeks and it has not arrived yet.  I’ll give it until closer to the end of the week before I complain to them, but things are complicated. We just found out that we are moving in less than two weeks! And having a baby 2 days after (c-section scheduled for 21st). Right now my to do lists are pages and pages long every day and I’m very pregnant right now so things are difficult. My pregnancies have all been very difficult.

So right now things are busy and I need to get myself going for the day.


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