Packing and Moving

Today is the day we are packing up are belongings to head out to out new adventure. Early start since I’m not getting much of any sleep anyway with being so very pregnant. Unfortunately we get to move again shortly, as out new home is not yet available.

My seed stitch hat has been frogged twice again. The yarn is holding up beautifully to the constant overuse. It still looks perfect. It is Madeline Tosh Vintage. I’m at 6″ from the brim now, and I haven’t yet decided how much slouch I want. I’ll be putting in lifelines just in case I want more or less when I get to 8″ and 9″. It would not take long to finish, but with the aforementioned moving happening this weekend I am lacking time to get any knitting done. I must get back to packing before the children wake up.

Wouldn’t it be just thecway things always seem to go if labour should start today? Let’s hope nothing like that happens.


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