2016 was my busiest knitting year of all, and I can’t even share my completed knits. They are all packed away in boxes in storage, and they will unfortunately stay that way for many months to come until the renovations are completed enough that we can move in.

I have completed the hat and cowl that I was working on. I’ll post a picture another day. I’m glad to have them done. Today or tomorrow I’ll start on the Rivage wrap. I know I’ll have Rivage long completed before I’ll be able to find the yarn that is in storage for the Rowe cardigan. So it’ll be soon time to plan for another big project and to order some lovely yarn to go with it, but there’ll be plenty of days ahead while knitting lots of stockinette stitch on Rivage to think about what’ll come next.

At this point Rivage and Rowe are my knitting goals for 2017. I’m sure many more projects will find there way into my kniting list soon. But right now I really just want to cast on Rowe. But I suspect it’ll probably be started in the late summer or fall.


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